The Store

Our current hours can always be found on our Provincetown Store Info page.

Well behaved dogs and other furry friends are always welcome at Repurposed. We do ask all dogs to please keep their human leashed while in the store.

All of the mash-ups played at Repurposed in Provincetown were created by Shahar Varshal.

The Products

Not necessarily. Our definition of repurposing simply requires using stuff for a purpose other than that for which it was intended. For example, if we had a chess set made from nuts and bolts, chances are some of those pieces would have been purchased new, but they're being used in a different way than you'd expect.

That said, the vast majority of what we sell—we estimate around 90% of our merchandise—uses post-consumer materials or components otherwise destined for a landfill.

Are you crazy?!! Come on, some of our products have brand names on them!

No, Repurposed does not make everything we sell. Though we do make some of our own products, what we do is more about the curating than the creating.

We make some of it ourselves and are lucky enough to be in a town populated by some very creative people.

When we started, we scoured the internet for items that were made from recycled materials or were otherwise upcycled from everyday items. And since we opened, we've gotten a lot of recommendations from our customers!

Some of our products are items any retail store could get wholesale while others are exclusive to Repurposed.

If you create a unique item that should be in our store, or know someone who does, read about Your Stuff in Our Store.

We make some ourselves, have a number of creators in Provincetown and elsewhere on Cape Cod, shop vendors from all around North America, and then have items made in South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Now we just have to find someone making great repurposed stuff in Australia! If that's you, read about Your Stuff in Our Store.

When we purchase products made in developing countries, we buy from companies certified as Fair Trade and those that provide details about their ethical business practices.

If you'd like to know where a particular item is made before making your purchase, just click the little chat bubble and ask!

Many of our creators would love the opportunity to make something special for you! Just click the little chat bubble or stop by the store and let us know what you're thinking about.

Repurposed Rewards

Hey, it happens. Sometimes email goes to junk mail folders or for other reasons isn't received. If you weren't able to complete the signup because you didn't get the email, just send us a message letting us know, including the email address you used. We'll make sure you get your points!

Visit the Repurposed Rewards page for questions about the program.

Making Your Purchase

In-store in Provincetown, we accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay (formerly Google Wallet or Android Pay), and, of course, dead presidents.

Online at RepurposedOnline.com we can take all of the above, plus Shop Pay, PayPal, Venmo, and Meta Pay (formerly Facebook Pay).

And apparently Diners Club. I mean, they tell us we can take it, but we've never seen one.

We are required to collect sales tax on orders shipped to addresses in Massachusetts or purchased at our Provincetown store.

We collect 6.25% tax on taxable items, and nearly all of the items we sell are taxable. Shipping and handling are not taxable in Massachusetts.

At this time we are not required to collect tax on orders shipped outside of Massachusetts.

Gift cards are not taxable.

A ton of 'em! In fact, every member of Repurposed Rewards, our free points program, has a code which we encourage them to share with their friends and family. This code will give a first-time customer 10% off any purchase of $60 or more.

Absolutely not. RepurposedOnline.com has a selection of the products available at our Provincetown store. We will be adding to the online catalog on a regular basis.

There are many items we sell in our store that cannot be easily sold online. Some one-of-a-kind items sell so quickly that we don't have time to photograph them and get them online. Other items cannot be sold online due to restrictions from the manufacturer.

If you're interested in something you saw when you visited, but don't see it online, click the little chat bubble and we'll see what we can do to help you!

We sell traditional plastic gift card, with a unique Repurposed twist, both online and in-store. We also sell Digital Gift Cards with instant delivery on the website only.

Read more about Repurposed Gift Cards.

Shipping and Pickups

Our default method of domestic shipping is USPS Priority Mail. It generally takes two to three days, after processing, to arrive anywhere in the United States. We also offer UPS Ground, which is sometimes more cost-effective, but usually takes longer. Shipping charges for your order will be calculated and displayed at checkout.

We offer FREE Economy shipping on most U.S. orders over $75. Our free shipping option is generally the most economical option to your address and may be the above, USPS Ground Advantage, or UPS Ground Saver. Free shipping is estimated to take seven to ten business days. Occasionally particularly large or heavy items, or those needing special care in shipping, may not be eligible for free shipping.

For additional terms, and information about International Shipping, please view our Shipping Policy.

We'll gladly ship anywhere, provided the products ordered don't violate any local laws.


If all of the items in your order are in stock in Provincetown, you may be able to select pick up during checkout. Most orders are ready in 1 to 2 business days—but please remember that we are not open seven-days-a-week except in the summer (and shoulder seasons).

Some items are shipped directly from the creator. In almost all cases, the product description will make this clear before you place your order, however due to the limits of our system, you may still see a pick up as an option.

Don't worry about it too much. If you ever select pick up on an item that cannot be picked up, we'll let you know. You'll always have the option to get a refund in that case.

Not if they're in the same order. There's just no way for the system we use to do that. If you need some items shipped and others delivered, we're afraid you'll have to place two separate orders.

Our packing slip shows a list of the items included in the shipment, but does not show any prices. Because RepurposedOnline.com and Repurposed Provincetown share the same inventory, it is possible that an item in the shipment may have a price tag on it. If you enter a gift message at checkout, we make every effort to remove the tags or obscure the prices.

After Your Transaction

No, no, no, no, no! Your information is one of the few things we will never repurpose. You can read our Privacy Policy for all of the details.

Have you checked your spam/junk mail folder? That's the first place to look if you placed an order and haven't received a response. Our system will send a confirmation for your order immediately upon completion of the sale. All emails from us originate at RepurposedOnline.com.

It's also possible you typed your email address incorrectly or our message was stopped by your ISP before reaching your inbox. If you've checked your spam folder and still don't see anything, contact us and we'll assist you.

Repurposed stands behind everything we sell, and we require that all of our vendors and creators do the same. That said, a lot of the products in our store and on our website are made by hand and issues may arise on rare occasion.

If you have any issue with a product you purchased from us, be it in-store or online, please let us know. You can always click the chat bubble that appears on every page of our website. If it's a unique issue with your particular item, we want the opportunity to resolve it; if it's a problem with the way something was made, we can take action to prevent other customers from having a similar experience; and if it's evidence that something we're currently selling doesn't meet our high standards, we can reevaluate whether that product should be at Repurposed.

We're trying to do our part to offset the throwaway economy, so, naturally, we want you to keep your Repurposed products for as long as possible. We can't do that if we sell you badly made merchandise.

While we hope you're going to love your purchase, we do permit returns for exchanges or store credit. You can visit the Orders/Returns page for start the return.

Read our Refund Policy for complete details.

Everything Else

Repurposed is always looking for items that might otherwise be discarded, for use in a project by us or our creators, but that list changes frequently. Check out Old Stuff We Can Repurpose to see what's currently on the list.

No more corks, please. We never want to see another cork ever again.

Please let us know by clicking the blue chat balloon. You won't be annoying us, but helping us. As a small business, things sometimes slip through the cracks, and if it's still incorrect it's likely we're just not aware of it. Thanks!

If you'd like to contact us, you can:

  • click the chat bubble that appears on every page of our website;
  • use the form on this page;
  • follow us on Facebook and Instagram;
  • send mail to Repurposed, 350 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657; or
  • visit us anytime we're open!

You can contact us by clicking the chat bubble, using the form on this page, or by sending mail to Repurposed, 350 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657.