Old Stuff

We believe in A NEW START FOR OLD STUFF. That means we're always looking for old stuff we can turn into new stuff. If you're in the Provincetown area and have unneeded items in good condition and don't plan to sell them, we encourage you to make a donation to the Thrift Shop at the Provincetown UMC or Ruthie's Boutique. For odds and ends you don't think the thrift stores will want, consider the Swap Shop at the Provincetown Transfer Station.

If you have items that aren't fit for donation, though, particularly anything on the list below, don't throw it away! We may be able to use it. New items are added to the top of the list as needs change. 

Items Repurposed makes from materials sourced from our community are marked with our GIVE TEN logo. When these products are sold, we give 10% of the sale price back in the form of a donation to a local nonprofit.

If you're an artist who works with specific "found" materials, let us know. We'd love to help.

Following are items we're currently seeking for use in creative projects:
  • beat up or ugly PICTURE FRAMES, 8" x 10" or smaller, broken or missing glass is OK
  • unusable LEATHER BALLS (baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc.)
  • metal FILM REELS AND CANISTERS, with or without film
  • soda and beer METAL BOTTLE CAPS (on behalf of Kaps for Kids)
  • if you have an instrument that cannot be saved, we'd love some PIANO KEYS AND HAMMERS for an idea we're working on
  • used (yes, really, used) bamboo CHOPSTICKS
  • metal KEYS of all types and sizes
  • vintage BOARD GAMES and pieces (see list)
  • 3.5" Computer DISKETTES
  • non-working CLASSIC OSTERIZER BLENDERS and some other small appliances
  • boat and windsurfing SAILS in both traditional and modern sailcloth
  • DENIM JEANS that are torn beyond the point of being fashionable (if that's possible)
  • accidentally shrunken or moth-eaten WOOL SWEATERS AND BLANKETS
  • select damaged LAMPS AND LAMPSHADES
  • antique, but unusable TYPEWRITERS

This list changes frequently, with new items added at the top, so check back.