Gift Cards

Repurposed offers both digital and physical gift cards, both of which are described below. Both types of gift cards are available in various denominations, are valid online at and in-store at Repurposed Provincetown, and can be sent directly to your gift recipient or to yourself.

Gift cards never expire.

Do you want it fast or fun?

  • The Fast Option

    If you need a gift quickly, select a Digital Gift Card. Our system will email a gift card code that can be used online or in-store, along with a message you provide. The Digital Gift Card is sent immediately upon the conclusion of your transaction.

    Hey, it's not as fun as a physical Repurposed Gift Card, but it's fast!

    Purchase a Digital Gift Card 
  • The Fun Option

    The front of each physical gift card declares "This is a Repurposed Gift Card," and we mean it! We create them by hand from other stores' spent plastic gift cards by applying the Repurposed logo and our own scannable and alphanumeric codes.

    Your card will be sent via First Class Mail with your gift message printed on a carrier card which, in keeping with our concept, is created from a cereal box.

    Purchase a Physical Gift Card