Put Our Money Where Your Mouth Is

Put Our Money Where Your Mouth Is

Can you help us make sales? Can you do the job better than everyone else? Want to be rewarded commensurate with your effort?

Repurposed is a successful brick-and-mortar in Provincetown, Massachusetts, that is trying to find its customer base online. We know our concept works and customers tell us constantly that Repurposed should be bigger than it is, but we're not online marketing experts. Are you?

After seeing little to no return on our advertising investments, hearing too many "experts" claim they can make us the next big thing for a fee, and investigating pricing for influencer networks, we seek people who are so confident in their abilities, so sure that they can help this brand to grow, that they're willing to put their reputation (and fee) on the line!

We're seeking three (and only three) e-commerce marketing experts who will help us find our customers—and are up for The Challenge:

  1. We'll pay each of three selected experts a $50 fee for an assessment of our store's strengths and weaknesses.
  2. After considering and/or implementing the suggestions from all three experts, we'll provide each with a tracking link and a discount code for you to use in your efforts during The Challenge.
  3. On May 1, we'll provide each expert with a report showing total online sales from whenever we start The Challenge (no later than April 1) through April 30, 2024, broken down by expert (and including sales without tracking info).
  4. The Challenge Winner (i.e. the expert that drove the most sales to RepurposedOnline.com) will receive a bonus amounting to 10% of all RepurposedOnline.com revenue for The Challenge period. The other two get nothing.


  • While we may or may not implement suggestions from your initial assessment, your success in The Challenge cannot be dependent on us taking that advice.
  • During The Challenge period, we cannot make changes to our website or provide information that gives any expert an advantage. Information shared with one expert will be shared with all experts.
  • Any promotion provided by an expert in The Challenge must be 100% legal and not reflect poorly on Repurposed Provincetown or RepurposedOnline.com, any of our creators or vendors, nor the other experts participating in The Challenge.
  • "The most sales" for each expert will be defined as gross revenue, after expert discount code, but before any house discounts, tax, and shipping. Repeat sales from customers during The Challenge period are tracked by email address and will be counted toward an expert's total. 
  • The 10% bonus will similarly be based on the total of all RepurposedOnline.com sales (including those without tracking info and those from existing Repurposed customers), using the above formula. In-store sales are not included in The Challenge.
  • Only sales tracked by our system will be part of an expert's final total. RepurposedOnline.com is not responsible for any sales that are not tracked for any reason, including, but not limited to, a customer deleting cookies or navigating to our site without using an expert's tracking link.
  • Unless an expert opts out, any tracked sales on or after May 1, 2024, will earn commission per the terms of the Repurposed Affiliate Program.
  • Repurposed may, at it's discretion, promote The Challenge or the results thereof in any media, but will not identify any individual expert participating in The Challenge without their permission.

We don't need popups or sales funnels. We don't need help with emails. We don't need you to have Shopify Partner access. We need traffic

Wanna participate? Got questions? Comment here or contact us using the chat bubble in the lower right corner of our website.

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