Growing up in Boston, we were always fans of Filene's Basement. Every item in the "Automatic Bargain Basement," as it was called when it opened in 1909, had a price tag that showed the date it was first put on sale. At regular intervals after that date, the price of the item would be discounted.

The Basement is long gone but remembered by many. We knew if we could figure out the technical aspects, we wanted to do something similar with our clearance and damaged merchandise. Well, the computer dweebs have figured it out, so we're stealing paying homage to the concept to create the Repurposed Automatic Bargain Basement. (You could say we've repurposed the idea.)

When you view a product in our Basement, you'll see the original price, the current discounted price, and the day and price of the next discount. You can buy or take a chance and wait, but everything is sold on a first-come, first-served basis, and quantities are very limited. Some items are damaged, some products have been discontinued, and other pieces have just been sitting around too long, but the description is always very clear. Prices will continue to be discounted by 5% every six days until either the item sells or we get tired of seeing it around and figure out a way to repurpose it.

Repurposed Rewards members have full access to our Basement and earn points on every purchase! See something you want, but not a member yet? It's easy to join Repurposed Rewards and it's totally FREE! But do it quickly before someone else grabs that bargain!

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