Vintage Board Games

We use the boards, pieces, dice, and other materials from certain board games in various projects. We are looking primarily games you or your parents (or even your grandparents!) played, those with folding cardboard game boards, more than games made today, although we do need game boards regardless of the game. (Our game board shelves each use two boards, one classic and another for extra support.)

Games we're seeking include:

  • SCRABBLE - Only versions with the wooden tiles.
  • CHUTES AND LADDERS - The old board with the red "chutes."
  • CANDY LAND - It's definitely old enough if it has the Candy Hearts on it.
  • PARCHEESI - Specifically the "Parcheesi" brand of the game, made by Selchow & Righter.
    We use the boards and pieces, so we may be able to use what you have even if you lost half of the pieces. There may be others, including some cardboard CHECKERS, CHESS, and BACKGAMMON boards, as well as RPG dice. Feel free to click the little chat bubble to check with us about whether we can use what you have.