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Circuit Board Magnet

Circuit Board Magnet

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We had so many dog breeds that we had to give them their own listing! Check out the Circuit Board Dog Magnets.

How fun are these Circuit Board Magnets from TechWears? Made from real circuit boards that failed their quality control test, they are classified as pre-consumer customer waste until Junkman Drew gets a hold of them and turns them into these strong magnets. With so many designs, the collection on the refrigerator door at Repurposed is always growing. 

Because of the high turnover on these items, we are regularly restocking. If the style you want is out of stock, you can still preorder it; we'll add it to our TechWears' list and ship it as soon as it arrives. Plus what we show here is only a portion of what TechWears makes and we're always looking for input on which we should add to our collection. Is there another design that you can't believe we don't have? Just ask us if it's available. If you need a bunch of magnets designed, custom orders are also considered.

Please note that with asymmetrical designs, the magnet may appear as in the photo or as its mirror image. (So if it's imperative that your bicycle face to the left, let us know!) Unless a different color is shown in the photo, all magnets are made from classic green circuit boards.

It's a fun, creative way to show off your love of tech AND your pet, hobby, or other interest.

Each of these items is different. The images shown are sample photos and do not show the exact item you are purchasing. Because each is handmade using upcycled materials, you should understand that the product you receive will vary in appearance.

About TechWears

TechWears was founded in 2014 by Zero Waste enthusiast and ecopreneur, Junkman Drew. Drew has long been fascinated by circuit boards and technology, while also feeling deeply concerned about the environmental impacts of the ever-growing electronic waste stream. After being unable to find a circuit board tie online, he did what any maker would do and constructed one himself! Following a favorable response from his community and friends, Drew decided to quit his job and go all in producing upcycled circuit board ties and jewelry.

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