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Clinton Van Gemert

Clinton Van Gemert is a former full-time NYC graphic designer and multi-talented artist. As the owner of Printsburgh, he designs, prints, and installs visually stunning handmade wood print wall coverings. You can check out some of his amazing creations on his Instagram page.

Clint's brother visited Repurposed Provincetown a while back carrying a bag that was very obviously made of Repurposed materials but was different than anything we'd seen before. On closer inspection, we could see it had been woven, but instead of using wool or hemp, the designer had used reclaimed plastics. When we learned our customer's brother had made the bags, we encouraged him to contact Repurposed.

When he later visited us, we enjoyed hearing Clint's story as much as seeing his creations. He originally began looming with fabrics and made classic rag rugs and pillows using a found Union Loom. Finding himself low on fabric one day, he started experimenting with using tough-to-recycle landfill-bound plastics, like plastic packaging and wrapping, and bags used for groceries, produce, breakfast cereal, and snack chips. Today, the artist takes bags and weaves them into what is still, in essence, a rag rug; he then turns that rag rug (made from bags) into, well, bags (made from a rag rug made from bags). Clint is a one-man example of a circular economy.