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Forest Life Creations

In our search for cool stuff made from other stuff, we find so many items and creators that we love. This was the case with Forest Life Creations. Dean creates AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL pieces by reclaiming various woods, fossils, seedpods, pinecones, and other items "discarded" by nature. You can see some magnificent pieces on his Instagram: @forestlifecreations.

Everything we've seen from Forest Life Creations has been truly stunning, a perfect blend of nature and art. But our Repurposed concept is about finding a new use for manmade items. Luckily, Dean also creates from Bowlerite and Fordite.

Bowlerite and Fordite are two manmade "stones." Bowlerite is made from the shells of old bowling balls and Fordite is an accumulation of enamel paints from auto plants. Both can hide an assortment of bright colors that are only revealed when an artist like Dean cuts, shapes, and polishes the right piece.