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GeoGraphic Gems

When Marcia Passos, the artist behind this brand, contacted us, we had difficulty envisioning what it was she had created. She told us about her GeoGraphic Gems—so named because they are "gems" made from old National Geographic magazines—but all we could think was how the heck do you create gems from magazines?!!

GeoGraphic Gems treats the clay-based pages with a natural citric acid that dissolves the ink on the pages, creating brilliant abstract designs. Intrigued by the stunning designs this technique created, and having experience in jewelry-making, Marcia started sealing her mini works of marbelized art under glass cabochons, which makes them impermeable to liquids and magnifies the designs.

As is the case with so many of the pieces Repurposed offers, we can't really sell, say, a pair of blue GeoGraphic Gems earrings, because every blue pair—in fact, every blue earring—is different. We do our best to capture the vibrant masterpieces photographically, hopefully well enough so you can find the ones you like, but we can't do them justice.