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Links by Annette

Bicycles hold a special place in Annette's heart. She's spent thousands of hours on that seat riding, coaching, and commuting, and has always found beauty in the parts. She loves being on her bike, but instead of just riding it, she wanted to use it to create something new. Annette asked a friend who owns a bike shop to save her some old parts. When he handed her a box filled to the brim, she dove in and started to play. Links by Annette was born, just like that.

Annette's thinking is similar to Repurposed's: She transforms everyday items, changes the mundane and dirty into something that's elevated, show-stopping, and doesn't scream "I used to be on a bicycle!"

Everything is handmade in Chicago with a passion for cycling and functional design, a meticulous eye for detail, and a dedication for making the world a better place, one bike part at a time.