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Martha Magane

Martha Magane is a longtime resident of Truro, Massachusetts, and a former librarian. She has always loved to sew and design, creating clothing and slipcovers, as well as finding new ways to work with cloth. Not surprising for a librarian, she found inspiration for the rugs she creates in a book that showed how to layer denim to make small rugs. She started experimenting with layering textiles, stitching squares using fabric sample books, putting the squares together, and adding yarn accents to her designs.

Her designs evolved from squares to the abstracts she creates today. All of her fabrics are repurposed, from tablecloths, sweaters, placemats, scarves—anything that inspires her, purchased at area thrift shops and donated by friends and family. She likes to experiment with different combinations of color, sometimes with an "off note" thrown in.

After sewing and cutting, then piecing together a rug, she hand-washes and scrubs the cut edges to raise the nap, creating a chenille backed atop the denim. After allowing it to drip dry, the rug gets fluffed in the dryer, and it's ready for its new home.